Bristol Conference 2022

Entrants are continually sought for the Conference. Entry is permissible throughout the year, the cost being 10. Late entry -- i.e. after the end of August -- is subject to a half fee.
Each player is allowed up to four matches against each other in the league in 11-point matches.
The season closes at the end of November.
Players arrange their own fixtures -- playing as many or as few matches as they wish -- at mutually acceptable venues and times.
N.B: As many intermediates have recently graduated to Premier League status, and the pandemic has stunted the flow of new players, there may be some difficulty in populating this competition for 2022.
If you are interested, please contact the Director

STOP PRESS: As insufficient interest has been shown in this competition in 2022, it has not been possible or viable to hold it.
A decision on the future of the event, if any will be made in due course.

No league table as yet

Players in BLOCK CAPITALS have qualified for next year's Bristol Premier League through their efforts in this competition


No results as yet

Chronological results list:
Xxx nn: Xxxx Xxxxxx beat Xxxx Xxxxxx 11-nn.

Projected use of Conference prize pool (2022)

If the prize fund should eventually total 40, the table below gives an estimate of how that money would be likely to be apportioned.
Administration fee4
Engraving and
Cash 1st prize20

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