Bristol Open Grand Prix 2010

May tournament results

#5, May 13th at the BCSC

Main flight

First roundSecond roundQuarter-finalsSemi-finalsFinal
GAZ OWEN beat Cecilia SparkeGAZ OWEN beat Derek ClewGAZ OWEN beat Simon TemmeGAZ OWEN beat George JakewayGAZ OWEN beat Dave Ablett
Derek Clew beat Stuart Mann
Simon Temme beat Tony WaltersSimon Temme beat Ian Preston
Ian Preston beat Neil Young
George Jakeway beat Richard OwsleyGeorge Jakeway beat Lewis YoungGeorge Jakeway beat Shay Baabahar
Lewis Young beat Steffen Nowak
Shay Baabahar beat Mandy MacdonaldShay Baabahar beat Chas Perry
Chas Perry beat Shadow Hamilton
Dave Ablett beat Simonetta HerreraDave Ablett beat Tim LineDave Ablett beat James Lintell-SmithDave Ablett beat Roland Herrera
Tim Line beat Blaine Buchanan
James Lintell-Smith beat Marcus WrinchJames Lintell-Smith beat Simon Hughes
Simon Hughes beat Julian Fetterlein
Roland Herrera beat Pam JakewayRoland Herrera beat Ian Tarr
Ian Tarr beat Phillip Hill
Phillip Hill beat Steve Morris

Consolation flight

First roundQuarter-finalsSemi-finalsFinal
NEIL YOUNG beat Blaine BuchananNEIL YOUNG beat Marcus WrinchNEIL YOUNG beat Cecilia SparkeNEIL YOUNG beat Stuart Mann
Marcus Wrinch beat Steve Morris
Cecilia Sparke beat Pam JakewayCecilia Sparke beat Steffen Nowak
Steffen Nowak beat Richard Owsley
Stuart Mann beat Shadow HamiltonStuart Mann beat Phillip HillStuart Mann beat Julian Fetterlein
Julian Fetterlein beat Tony WaltersJulian Fetterlein beat Mandy Macdonald
Mandy Macdonald beat Simonetta Herrera

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