Bristol Open Grand Prix 2011

January tournament results

#1, January 13th at the BCSC

Main flight

First roundSecond roundQuarter-finalsSemi-finalsFinal
DAVE ABLETT beat Anne BuchananDAVE ABLETT beat John PlummerDAVE ABLETT beat Gaz OwenDAVE ABLETT beat Blaine Buchanan
John Plummer beat Simonetta Herrera
Gaz Owen beat Richard OwsleyGaz Owen beat Miles Farren
Miles Farren beat Chas Perry
Blaine Buchanan beat Cynthia RobertsBlaine Buchanan beat Jamie NevillBlaine Buchanan beat Tim Line
Jamie Nevill beat Ian Tarr
Tim Line beat Roland HerreraTim Line beat Steve Morris
Steve Morris beat Steffen Nowak
Steffen Nowak beat Nick Barham

Consolation flight

First roundQuarter-finalsSemi-finalsFinal
IAN TARR beat Steffen NowakIAN TARR beat Simonetta HerreraIAN TARR beat Cynthia Roberts
Simonetta Herrera beat Anne Buchanan
Cynthia Roberts beat Richard OwsleyCynthia Roberts beat Nick Barham
Richard Owsley beat Roland Herrera
Nick Barham beat Chas Perry

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