Bristol Masters

The Bristol Masters is an annual event, entry to which (from qualification in 2024 for 2025) is achieved by any of the following means:

Additional criteria

From 2024 a third Premier Three division winner has been included at the potential expense of monthly tournament winners.

From 2023 the Feeder League replaced the Conference, plus simplification of Additional criterion (1).

In 2016 the absence of Premier Three gave an additional chance to a monthly tournament winner.

From 2015 more Premier One high finishers were included at the potential expense of monthly tournament winners.

From 2014 the Brunel Trophy winner was included at the potential expense of one of the 10 monthly tournament winners.

From 2012 the Conference high finisher needed to fulfil the "20 points" criterion.

In 2008 (for 2009) the unlucky monthly grand prix winner was the first reserve after the completion of qualification.

In years prior to 2008 (for 2009) the qualification criteria were as follows:

In addition, had any player qualified more than once through (a) and/or (b) above, then there was an extra high finisher included, from whichever league the multiple qualifier participated in.
Where such a player was not a league player, the extra place would have gone to a Premier One player.

Multiple qualification has occurred several times over the years.
But when the Conference supplied no fewer than five players for the 2008 Masters, the rules were changed to avoid a recurrence.

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