Speedgammon Grand Prix

(dubbed Clock Blitz Grand Prix prior to 2016)

Clock blitzes were introduced in Bristol on occasional Mondays during 2008, and proved popular with many players, being incorporated into the various Monday Club Grand Prix series.
Then in 2010, a mini series of clock blitzes was introduced into the Thursday scene, in the form of the Clock Blitz Grand Prix, now Speedgammon Grand Prix.
In 2020, during the pandemic, the series was suspended, and the allocated dates were filled with stand-alone Speedgammon events.
A new format, suitable for online play, broadly similar to the pre-lockdown face-to-face version, has been devised for online use from 2021.

Speedgammon Grand Prix current positions
Speedgammon Grand Prix current rules
Speedgammon Grand Prix history

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