The Intermediates Trophy

This was an annual tournament just for those who had not hitherto been granted Premier Status. It constituted a rare chance to compete for silverware without encountering obstacles like Stuart Mann, Gaz Owen, Roland Herrera, etc.
The inaugural event was held in 2002, and it had its regular spot in the Bristol Backgammon calendar until 2022, when the tournament was not held due to lack of interest.
Entry to the tournament was 5, and this paid for engraving the winner's name on the permanent trophy, plus either cash prizes or mementoes.
The event consisted of a single flight of straight knock-out, with all matches being played to 7 points.

From the 2006 event, this became a part of the Intermediate Grand Prix, until the IGP's demise.

The decision was taken late in 2022 to discontinue the event.

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