Nackgammon Grand Prix

Nackgammon, originally devised by top American player Nack Ballard, was introduced into the Bristol calendar in 2009, when a couple of dedicated Nackgammon evenings were held.
So for 2010 three tournaments were scheduled, forming a Nackgammon Grand prix mini series.
The three tournaments increased to four in 2012, but a lack of interest caused the event to be discontinued thereafter.

Nackgammon is just like ordinary backgammon, except for the starting positions of the checkers, with a man each from the five and thirteen points moved back to the twenty-three point. This means greater contact, typically leading to longer and more complex games, affording players the opportunity to practice back games and playing against back games.

Nackgammon Grand Prix current positions
Nackgammon Grand Prix current rules
Nackgammon Grand Prix history

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