Awards night, January 23rd, 2003

LEFT: Tony's buffet hit the
spot, as usual.
BELOW: Host Ian Tarr reels
off his "Bristol Backgammon
Review of 2002".

BELOW: A resplendent John Slattery celebrates his retention of the Bristol Premier League title, the reward for outstanding consistency.

BELOW: Some of the trophies on display before the awards took place.
LEFT: Stuart Mann, the only recipient so far of the Bristol
version of BIBA's 1000 to 1 awards, receives his handsome
engraved salver from the sponsor, John Slattery.

BELOW: Charlie Hetherington proudly displays the trophy
he is threatening to make his very own, the Bristol Masters.
He has won both incarnations of the event.

LEFT: Another trophy for Charlie, this
time the John Chidgey Cup. All very well
for Charlie, but what will Fiona say about
all that dusting?

BELOW: You wouldn't know it, but that's
modest Steffen Nowak receiving his IGP
runner-up prize.

It's tough going when Ian's spewing forth endless statistics, but most of them seem to be staying awake!
LEFT: "What's this?" Ian Tarr seems to
be saying. The totally gobsmacked (and
hugely chuffed) host has just received
some vouchers for accommodation
at BIBA events, after a whip-round
amongst the players was masterminded
by Neil Young.
BELOW: It's that Mann again! Stuart picks up the OGP Shield for the second time in the three year existence of the competition.
LEFT: Sponsor Martin Hemming hands
over the inaugural award to the player
adjudged to have made the greatest
strides during 2002. Neil Young, IGP
champion, double tournament winner,
and Conference third placer, fits
the bill superbly.
FAR LEFT: Having already received the Intermediates Trophy, Simonetta Barone clutches her runner-up prize after a fine season in the Conference.

LEFT: Simonetta's partner, Roland Herrera, was the runaway Conference champion.

BELOW: John Lewis steps up to collect his runner-up prize from the Intermediates Trophy.

LEFT: Martin Hemming got a cash prize for a highly creditable fourth place finish in his first Bristol Premier League season.

BELOW: Phil Charlton is in his best form for a few years, his splendid Premier League third placing earning him a nice cash bonus.

LEFT: Despite a superb season in the
Premier League, Stuart had to settle
for the runner-up spot for the second
year in succession.
Alan Parfitt, Carolyn MacCarthy, and Phil Charlton, savouring the atmosphere.
Rosey Bensley contemplates a move during her nail-biting Premier Two clash with Roland Herrera. Roland won by the narrowest of margins.
The ceremonies over, it's down to business for (left to right) Marianne White, Alan Parfitt, Rob Allen and Steve Ferrer.
Jason Champion doesn't look entirely focussed during his Conference match against Mark Dixon!

Photos, once again, courtesy of Richard Dunton

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