Awards night, January 22nd, 2004

Everything in place
for the fourth
Bristol Backgammon
Awards Night,
at the BCSC
Richard Owsley (LEFT) celebrates
his Rookie of the Year award,
while Roland Herrera (BELOW)
displays the "Most Improved Player"
trophy and his memento
LEFT: Stuart Mann picks up
another 1000-1 prize from
sponsor John Slattery,
while it's a case of "surprises
all round" as ......

(BELOW LEFT) Ian Tarr finds
out he is the beneficiary
of another generous show of
appreciation, and ......

Ed Turner (BELOW RIGHT) has
his Bright 'n' Breezy triumph
suitably commemorated
Bristol Masters 2003 champion Ian Preston
(BELOW) bids a fond farewell to the trophy before
handing it back for the 2004 event next month,
while Jason Champion (FAR RIGHT) looks back on his
days in the intermediate ranks with the Intermediate

Intermediate Grand Prix top pair, winner
Steve Ferrer (ABOVE) and runner-up
John Lewis with their awards

Open Grand Prix top two,Stuart
(BELOW) and runner-up Dave
(RIGHT) show off their prizes
Three players won promotion from the Bristol Conference:
Jason Champion (RIGHT) lived up to his surname;

Alan Parfitt (BELOW) came second;
and Mark Dixon (BELOW RIGHT) was third.
All three players have made it into Premier Two for 2004
The inaugural season of Premier Two saw three players
win promotion to the top flight:
Simonetta Barone (RIGHT) showed she is not
just a pretty face by taking the title;

Tim Jefferies (BELOW) saw his studious
approach to the game pay off with the
runner-up placing;
and Steffen Nowak (BELOW RIGHT) was left dreaming of
what might have been in third.
The jewel in the crown of Stuart Mann's wonder
year was (BELOW) the clinching of the Premier League
title. In so doing, Stuart became the first player to win both
of Bristol's main titles in the same year.
Meanwhile, Elliot Smart (RIGHT) was having his best year to date,
pipping the absent John Slattery to the runner-up spot
The December grand prix event now carries with it, apart from
quite respectable cash prizes, the John Chidgey Cup.
This is to mark the passing of a very popular player, back in 2000.
This year's winner was a player recently making a welcome return
to Bristol action, Simon Baker

And a grand time was had by all ......

Photos courtesy of Jeremy Axford

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