Monday Club Online

from 7.15pm at the Backgammon Studio Heroes site

Winter Grand Prix DMP Round Robins

The details:
Round robins of up to 15 players, playing single point matches, with very friendly clock parameters.
Phone, text or WhatsApp Ian Tarr on 07751 241774 in advance to register for the draw(s) which will be at 7.15pm.
Entry is FREE OF CHARGE, but there will be an optional £10 side pool available (ask Ian for bank details if you are opting for the side pool).
Finishing order will be determined by (1) most matches won, and (2) best PR, and that order will determine Winter Grand Prix points awarded.
Those points go towards each player's Monday Club Winter Grand Prix totals.
The side pool winner in each group will be the side pool entrant finishing highest.
Should there be time afterwards, other impromptu flights will be arranged on demand.