Bristol Premier League promotion race, 2021


The Premier Status Race was introduced in an attempt to plug a gap in qualification for Premier Status.
This has historically been achieved mainly through performances in the Conference League and the IGP (which no longer exists), while certain other players have achieved "fast track" qualification via performances outside Bristol.
These criteria are still in place and there is no plan to change them.

However in 2009 Bristol Backgammon Director Ian Tarr examined the past records of other individuals, and conferred Premier Status on two players who had narrowly failed to gain it through the usual channels.

The aim of this particular scheme is to formalise a more all-encompassing approach to achieve the same end.
While it is necessary to have some limits on which players can play in the Premier League, putting too many barriers in the way of qualification is both unnecessary and counter productive.

And the fact that we now have such a wide variety of events gives us the opportunity to reward those who have had a level of success in various events without necessarily having done enough in the traditional qualifying events.

So from 2011 players have had the opportunity to "tot up" points through their performances in various events throughout the year, as per the table below. N.B: This table changes in line with changes to our events each year, and the 2021 events are reflected now.
Through winning matches in the following competitions:
Bristol Conference League3
Bristol Masters7
Bristol Brunel Trophy6
Bristol Grand Prix main final (11 pts)7
Bristol Grand Prix main6
Bristol Grand Prix consolation4
Bristol GP20 main6.5
Bristol GP20 consolation4.5
Bristol GP10 main6
Bristol GP10 consolation4
Bristol Sunday main6.5
Bristol Sunday consolation4.5
Bristol Xmas Fizz 3pt matches2
Bristol Freeroll GP main5.5
Bristol Freeroll GP consolation3.5
Bristol Intermediates Trophy3
Bristol Handicap Trophy main and consolation1
Bristol Speedgammon Grand Prix3
Monday Club 3-point round robin1

Players totting up 50 or more points during the year will earn Premier Status for the following year regardless of their performances in the traditional qualification events. (This was 55 points in 2011).

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