Raising our Profile

Aside from his other sponsorships, Gaz Owen (left) has now provided a generous sum of money for use in advertising our presence
This website is, and always has been, the major vehicle for attracting the new players that will always be our life blood.
A regular free listing in the Events Diary of Venue magazine has also brought us new players over the years.
More recently, a listing has been placed on Clubbz.com.

But the eternal conundrum of how to raise our profile in an even more effective way prompted Gaz Owen to give Bristol Backgammon Director Ian Tarr a publicity budget.
Initially, an entry has been placed on Gumtree, and is promoted in the listings every so often.
Production of flyers is in the pipeline.
Meanwhile, use of our Bristol Backgammon Club Facebook page, set up initially by Roland Herrera, needs to be stepped up, and a presence on meetup.com is also being considered.

If you have any further ideas for raising our profile, please contact Ian Tarr

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