Annual Ranking Jump Award

Marcus Wrinch (right) was the sponsor of an award for player improvement, designed to augment the existing Rookie of the Year and Most Improved Player awards.
The prize until 2015 was a quality bottle of champagne.
In 2015 Shadow Hamilton took over the award
The steady rise of James Newman made him the winner of the 2014 Ranking Jump prize
Andy Boysan made great progress during 2013, earning him the Ranking Jump prize
Alex Hodge's dramatic arrival in our midst during 2012 saw him become the second winner of this award, as well as winning a few tournaments late in the year
The inaugural winner of the award was Richard Biddle, whose rise to Premier One coincided with his impressive ranking rise

Instigated in January 2011, this award went to the player whose Bristol Ranking score had jumped by the largest margin during the year.
The only provisos are that:
(a) the player is not awarded one of the two previously mentioned prizes;
(b) the player has never played in the top division of the Bristol Premier League;
or (c) the player has no prior credentials gained elsewhere of a standard which, in the opinion of the Director, makes him similarly ineligible for this award.


From 2015 the award was made simpler, the prize going to the player whose ranking position had improved most during the year.

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