Bristol Backgammon

Sportsperson of the Year Award

Simonetta Herrera (left) has picked up
where Blaine left off, and provides
a bottle of bubbly for
winners from 2015 onwards

For as good a summary
as you're likely to find
anywhere of what
constitutes sporting
play and what doesn't,
click on this link

Blaine Buchanan (left) instigated the
Merchants Arms Bristol Backgammon
Sportsperson of the Year
award, as from 2010
And John Sprague (left), then of
the Merchants Arms, Hotwells,
provided a liquid prize for the
first two years -- a tradition
which the same hostelry maintained
for a further year after John's
departure. Blaine funded this
himself in 2013
Cecilia Sparke (left) was the fourth winner of the award. Having suffered numerous frustrating disappointments in League Two promotion chases over the years, she is an example to all of us in how to deal with adversity. Humour is never far from the surface, which makes her a popular opponent.
Steve Morris (right) was the popular choice for the award in 2012, gaining several nominations
Lewis Young (left) was the second winner of the award, and his prize will, of course, need to be consumed under parental supervision!
Stuart Mann (right) with his very well deserved liquid prize as the inaugural Bristol Backgammon Sports Person of the Year

The Sportsperson of the Year award

Blaine Buchanan has been an outspoken advocate of sportsmanship ever since his arrival in Bristol Backgammon circles in 1999.
So in December 2010 it came as no surprise that he is the instigator of our new annual Sportsperson of the Year award.
The title "Merchants Arms Bristol Backgammon Sportsperson of the Year" reflected the nature of the main prize in the first years, a microcask of Bath Ale, supplied by our good friend and fellow player John Sprague, who ran the pub.
Blaine will sift through the nominations for the award each year and decide on the recipient of the prize.

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