Weekly Wednesday tournament

September 13th, 2023

at the Backgammon Studio Heroes website

Round robin of 5-point matches

Gaz Owen beat Simon Tracy; Tim Line beat Elias Hamati; Alan Joicey beat Ian Anderson; Elias Hamati beat Gaz Owen; Ian Anderson beat Simon Tracy; Tim Line beat Alan Joicey; Gaz Owen beat Ian Anderson; Alan Joicey beat Elias Hamati; Simon Tracy beat Tim Line; Gaz Owen beat Alan Joicey; Tim Line beat Ian Anderson; Simon Tracy beat Elias Hamati; Gaz Owen beat Tim Line; Alan Joicey beat Simon Tracy; Elias Hamati beat Ian Anderson.
1st: Gaz Owen 4 wins; 2nd: Tim Line 3; 3rd: Alan Joicey 3; 4th: Elias Hamati 2; 5th: Simon Tracy 2; 6th: Ian Anderson 1.

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