Bristol Backgammon players' achievements elsewhere

While the Bristol Backgammon calendar offers players ample opportunity to develop their skills and their achievements, many have ventured further afield to test their expertise. This page summarises their manifold exploits.

Summary of outstanding achievements

A list of the best achievements of Bristol connected players at BIBA tournaments, Gammonitis tournaments, and many other events outside the auspices of Bristol Backgammon

Latest BIBA ranking scores of Bristol connected players

A table of the latest known BIBA rankings of Bristol connected players. For the complete BIBA rankings list, you are recommended to visit the BIBA website

Last Gammonitis ranking scores of Bristol connected players

A table of the Gammonitis rankings of Bristol connected players at the point of Gammonitis' unfortunate demise

The Inter-Cities Challenge

Between 2000 and 2005 players from Bristol met their Birmingham counterparts twice a year in a team event known as the Inter-Cities Challenge. This has recently fallen into abeyance, with the trophy currently in Bristol's possession. It is hoped that the event can be revived in the form of a one-day challenge for teams from several locations. Watch this space