Thursdays at the BCSC

Bristol Backgammon's Thursday sessions all offer various levels of learning opportunities, some more than others.
Listed below are the kinds of session which offer great education opportunities.
Check the dates of the different types of session here.

Consulting Doubles tournaments

There are four of these during the year, and top players are kept apart so that they can partner those who are less experienced. Because moves and cube decisions are discussed openly, these occasions are also valuable learning opportunities

Handicap knock-outs

Six of these tournaments feature during our year. All players, from elite to beginners, are allotted a handicap in an attempt to level the playing field. New players are given the most beneficial handicap, so you get a great chance of beating the top players

Bristol Conference League

In our unorthodox feeder league, you can play as many or as few 11-point matches as you wish. It's our best way of getting into competitive backgammon, and also our cheapest (annual fee 10). League nights are once a month, but you can arrange your matches for anywhere, at any time

Intermediates Trophy

This is our one knock-out tournament the top players are barred from. Get a feel for competition with other new and developing players, with a realistic chance of one of our annual titles at the end

The events listed above are prime education opportunities, but it has to be said that if you want to learn, the best way is to play against experienced players.
All of our Thursday competitions offer this in abundance!