Bristol Backgammon players

A Who's Who of Bristol players

A complete list of every player known to have taken part in Bristol Backgammon domestic events, and DPS Backgammon events held primarily at the Rolls-Royce factory in Patchway. Listed are each player's main achievements, when they made their debuts, and -- where available -- their photos

Bristol Backgammon roll of honour

A list of the main achievements in Bristol Backgammon competition

Bristol Backgammon player ratings and handicaps

The need to develop a handicapping system for Bristol's successful handicap knock-outs resulted in a spin-off effect where players have become interested in their overall standing within the Bristol playing community. The handicapping system has produced a "rankings list" based purely on action within domestic Bristol competitions. And as data is available -- albeit in considerably less depth -- right back to 1986, retrospective ranking lists for years gone by are now available ...... purely for academic interest, of course

Bristol Backgammon player contact details

These are available from Ian Tarr on a need to know basis. League players are provided with updated details on a regular basis