Premier Two Blue 2024

There are twenty-eight contestants for the 2024 Bristol Premier League Division Two season, seventeen of whom remain in the division from last season. Three have been relegated from Premier One, six have gained automatic promotion from Premier Three, and two others from last season's Premier Three have taken up vacancies.
Those 28 players have been arranged into two parallel divisions of fourteen, Premier Two Blue and Premier Two Red, ordered as per their finishing positions last year.
In each division players play each other twice in 11-point matches giving a total of twenty-six matches each, in a season spanning the eleven months from January to November.
Players arrange their own fixtures, at mutually acceptable venues and times.

League table as at April 18th

Simon Tracy15961331220.733027
Richard Owsley1174111901.909021
Phil Charlton1082102831.900321
Warner Solomon13671211071.077018
Mike Smith85377700.875015
Stephen Little95480790.111015
Chris Hughes8537374-0.125015
Hemal Getalal74366531.857012
Ian Tarr74365541.571012
Rosemary Whitehouse8445966-0.875012
Neil Edwards113882109-2.45509
Hazel Harper8266173-1.50006
Jon Organ8265080-3.75006
Robin Gunney7165171-2.85712

Complete results record

PLAYER25 PAID?vs R W'housevs S Tracyvs I Tarrvs W Solomonvs M Smithvs R Owsleyvs J Organvs S Littlevs C Hughesvs H Harpervs R Gunneyvs H Getalalvs N Edwardsvs P Ch'lton
Phil CharltonYes11-9..4-1111-611-611-711-910-1111-411-1011-10.XXX
Neil EdwardsYes2-1111-5.11-77-11.10-114-1110-1111-95-111-11XXX.
Hemal GetalalYes11-46-11.....6-11.11-7.XXX..
Robin GunneyYes.9-112-11..10-114-11..5-11XXX...
Hazel HarperYes3-118-11...8-1111-2..XXX....
Chris HughesYes.0-119-119-1111-911-10..XXX.....
Stephen LittleYes.8-1111-93-11.5-11.XXX......
Jon OrganYes.3-11.7-11.7-11XXX.......
Richard OwsleyYes11-010-11.11-9.XXX.8-11......
Mike SmithYes7-1111-1.11-10XXX.......11-10.
Warner SolomonYes.5-118-11XXX9-117-1111-2.......
Ian TarrYes11-27-11XXX5-11..........
Simon TracyYes10-11XXX.....8-112-11..8-11..
Rosemary WhitehouseYesXXX.............

Scores in parentheses are from adjourned matches.

League fees totalling 350 have all been paid.

Next checkpoint

May 31st

Number of matches to be played:

To avoid expungement: 10

To avoid penalty points: 13

Chronological results list:
Jan 10: Richard Owsley beat Hazel Harper 11-8.
Jan 20: Jon Organ beat Robin Gunney 11-4; Neil Edwards beat Simon Tracy 11-5.
Jan 21: Chris Hughes beat Neil Edwards 11-10.
Jan 22: Simon Tracy beat Hazel Harper 11-8.
Jan 23: Neil Edwards beat Hazel Harper 11-9.
Jan 30: Warner Solomon beat Stephen Little 11-3.
Feb 1: Robin Gunney beat Neil Edwards 11-5.
Feb 3: Mike Smith beat Neil Edwards 11-7.
Feb 6: Warner Solomon beat Jon Organ 11-7.
Feb 7: Richard Owsley beat Jon Organ 11-7.
Feb 8: Chris Hughes beat Richard Owsley 11-10.
Feb 10: Mike Smith beat Neil Edwards 11-10.
Feb 11: Chris Hughes beat Mike Smith 11-9.
Feb 12: Warner Solomon beat Chris Hughes 11-9.
Feb 13: Neil Edwards beat Warner Solomon 11-7.
Feb 18: Rosemary Whitehouse beat Mike Smith 11-7; Mike Smith beat Simon Tracy 11-1.
Feb 19: Ian Tarr beat Warner Solomon 11-8.
Feb 20: Richard Owsley beat Warner Solomon 11-9.
Feb 24: Mike Smith beat Warner Solomon 11-10.
Feb 27: Richard Owsley beat Robin Gunney 11-10.
Feb 28: Simon Tracy beat Warner Solomon 11-5.
Mar 4: Mike Smith beat Warner Solomon 11-9; Hemal Getalal beat Hazel Harper 11-7.
Mar 7: Phil Charlton beat Hemal Getalal 11-10; Rosemary Whitehouse beat Hazel Harper 11-3.
Mar 8: Phil Charlton beat Mike Smith 11-6; Stephen Little beat Neil Edwards 11-4.
Mar 10: Simon Tracy beat Ian Tarr 11-7; Warner Solomon beat Ian Tarr 11-5; Ian Tarr beat Robin Gunney 11-2.
Mar 12: Simon Tracy beat Chris Hughes 11-0; Chris Hughes beat Simon Tracy 11-2.
Mar 13: Richard Owsley beat Rosemary Whitehouse 11-0.
Mar 14: Phil Charlton beat Rosemary Whitehouse 11-9.
Mar 17: Simon Tracy beat Robin Gunney 11-9; Warner Solomon beat Jon Organ 11-2.
Mar 18: Simon Tracy beat Stephen Little 11-8; Jon Organ beat Neil Edwards 11-10.
Mar 19: Simon Tracy beat Richard Owsley 11-10.
Mar 20: Hazel Harper beat Jon Organ 11-2.
Mar 21: Richard Owsley beat Stephen Little 11-5; Stephen Little beat Richard Owsley 11-8; Simon Tracy beat Hemal Getalal 11-6.
Mar 23: Hemal Getalal beat Neil Edwards 11-1.
Mar 24: Hemal Getalal beat Rosemary Whitehouse 11-4; Ian Tarr beat Chris Hughes 11-9; Hemal Getalal beat Simon Tracy 11-8; Hazel Harper beat Robin Gunney 11-5.
Mar 25: Ian Tarr beat Rosemary Whitehouse 11-2.
Mar 26: Phil Charlton beat Stephen Little 11-9.
Mar 30: Stephen Little beat Hemal Getalal 11-6; Simon Tracy beat Jon Organ 11-3.
Mar 31: Stephen Little beat Ian Tarr 11-9; Rosemary Whitehouse beat Simon Tracy 11-10.
Apr 1: Rosemary Whitehouse beat Neil Edwards 11-2.
Apr 3: Phil Charlton beat Jon Organ 11-7.
Apr 4: Richard Owsley beat Warner Solomon 11-7; Chris Hughes beat Phil Charlton 11-10.
Apr 10: Phil Charlton beat Robin Gunney 11-10.
Apr 11: Warner Solomon beat Phil Charlton 11-4.
Apr 12: Stephen Little beat Simon Tracy 11-8.
Apr 16: Phil Charlton beat Hazel Harper 11-4.
Apr 18: Phil Charlton beat Richard Owsley 11-6.

Projected use of Premier Two prize pool (2024)

When Premier Two Blue and Red entry fees have all been paid, they will give a total Premier Two prize fund of 700.
The table below gives an estimate of how that money will be apportioned.
Administration fee70
Engraving and
Premier 2
Premier 2
Cash 2nd prize8080
Cash 3rd prize4040

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